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I get asked a lot, “Why?” Why am I in “doors?” Like many entrepreneurs, the road had many twists and turns, but ultimately “necessity is always the mother of invention.” I saw a need, I saw a market, and the timing was right.

In 2005, I was faced with the need to maximize the opening space on my own hangar. I was looking for the largest opening with the lowest profile. I needed the ultimate pairing of form and function…a bit of architectural genius meets extraordinary manufacturing technology. I wanted the sexiest, most aesthetically appealing, bad ass large door system on the planet! But the more I began digging into what was available, the more disappointed I became. I couldn't use a bifold (too much head space lost). I couldn't use sliders (too much width lost). I couldn't use fabric (looks terrible). And, I couldn't use stackers (all of the above). The dilemma at hand would soon be cured with some innovative thought and a pencil.

The vision was there immediately. I drew up a single panel hydraulic door which conquered all of the issues. Simple. Just a few moving parts, sound engineering, and it call came together. My very own Hydroswing® was born. 

Over 7,000 units later and the most efficient, most aesthetically versatile door system is fully established and still evolving into new and exciting markets. It's been a tough and long road, peppered with plenty of lessons that have built not only my doors, but have paved the way to my knowledge of this business.

The story is an interesting one, which I shall tell over the next few months. As I venture into the new territory of blogging, I’d like to share my insight and experience into why the Hydroswing Hydraulic Door System is a now a growing world brand, and world leader in the simplest most efficient large door system for aviation, architecture, agriculture and industry.