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About Marshal Parker

Marshal Parker a is world renowned entrepreneur and innovator who is changing the face of aviation, agriculture and architecture with his designs and unique ideas. Born and raised in England, Marshal honed his skills and built an enviable reputation in airport equipment supply, aviation ground support and aviation consulting for more than 30 years. His exposure to the technical and mechanical side of aviation gave him the expertise and knowledge to develop the original Hydroswing® hydraulic door to where it is today.

Marshal knew there were code restrictions on the external dimensions for helicopter and aviation hangars. He also knew that to maximize the height internally, a single panel hydraulic door would do the trick efficiently with 70% less moving parts than a bifold door. Marshal needed a hangar for his own helicopter so he carefully sketched the dynamics and schematics of what would be his prototype for today’s Hydroswing® door.

Marshal Parker soon began building the brand and word of this new Hydraulic door hit the marketplace. He brought manufacturing of the Hydroswing® door products to the U.S. in 2006. However, the extreme rapid growth of the company, combined with self financing and the skyrocketing price of base materials, did not allow orders to be delivered effectively and the U.S. plant was eventually closed. In 2010, Marshal rebuilt the business and redeveloped the fabrication model, marketing and design of the Hydroswing® door. Today, Marshal is poised to rise to the top of the hydraulic door market once again and recreate the dominance of his brand. All Hydroswing® doors are now manufactured in ISO 9001 approved facilities around the world. The company has emerged with superior hydraulic door quality, advanced design, effective delivery and tremendous cost efficiency.

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